Our Team

Shaun Connor


A 25-year Information Technology veteran, Shaun has enabled large enterprise companies to innovate and become leaders in their respective industries. He has a broad array of experience in gas, oil, government, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, and transportation industries. He has extensive experience in managing large capital and operational budgets.

Shaun later started a technology services company that focused on delivering Cisco Solutions in BC. After a successful startup was launched he worked on various Infrastructure and security projects at one of the largest transportation companies in Canada. He designed and implemented a smart bus strategy to enable communications for various technologies on the bus fleet.

After co-founding CITISMART Solutions in 2015 and gaining more IoT experience, Shaun started Citykinect in 2018 to focus on Smart City and Smart Building projects in Western Canada.

Jeff Skillen

VP Development

Jeff Skillen is a software developer with over 20 years experience. He has designed, built, and maintained scalable high-availability systems using a variety of technologies. A specialist in integration programming, Jeff has been responsible for developing digital connectivity in the legal, real-estate, insurance, and transportation sectors. His clients have ranged from public sector institutions to international businesses.

Sheldon Foisy

VP Sales
Sheldon is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in multiple industries including healthcare and pharma, IT, financial services, and environmental monitoring. Having helped manage and run some of the largest environmental networks in Canada, Sheldon's experience with sensors and telemetry gives him a unique and experienced perspective when it comes to the Internet of Things and the torrent of new sensors and technologies hitting the market. Sheldon deployed the first remote LoRa application in Canada in conjunction with the University of Athabasca and continues to look with an experienced eye at how new technologies in the IoT arena can be adopted to accelerate business goals.
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