Why Partner With Us?


Despite IoT being in its infancy, we have more expertise with IoT sensors, gateways, application servers, networking standards, middleware, security, cloud analytics platforms and more, than anyone else in Western Canada.

One Stop Shop.

From hardware to software to consulting to a Canada-wide cellular data network, we can handle all aspects of your project.

Flexibility and Options.

Being technology agnostic, we’re able to choose the best technologies for your IoT project. And as a data network provider, we can get your IoT data to the cloud through either of Canada’s big 3 telecoms at a fraction of their cost.

Innovative Thinking.

Innovation allows us to devise clever ways to accelerate our customer’s realization of their IoT goals. Our all-inclusive monitoring-as-a-service eliminates significant upfront capital cost outlay. Our own Canada-wide cellular IoT data network piggybacks on the networks operated by the big 3 telcos, but provides far greater flexibility at a fraction of the cost. Icosphere, our cloud-based management platform consolidates all settings for every aspect of an IoT network in one place.

"Our Pain is for Sale"

Building a smart city or smart building network is not as simple as buying off-the-shelf sensors and connecting them to a gateway. There are a huge number of products available to choose from and the Citykinect advantage is that we have experience with many, and we know the best ones for different applications.

We’ve learned which products to avoid because of questionable build quality. Our experience has also taught us all the factors to consider. For example:

  • Wireless range in different environments, like underground, outdoors surrounded by mountains, or in a dense city core.
  • Ruggedness, if the equipment will be installed long term outdoors…how it is affected by cold, humidity, ultraviolet radiation, and the elements.
  • Real-world power consumption. While LoRaWAN networks are inherently low-power, there is still significant variation. The power source and if the component will be recharged by solar power must also be considered.
  • How robust the device’s recovery and troubleshooting capabilities are. Remote diagnosis and correction is important to avoid expensive manual site visits.

Let’s accomplish your goals together.