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News and Insights About Low-Power Cellular IoT Applications

Solinst chooses CityKinect for Cellular Product Needs
CityKinect and Solinst announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will enable Solinst to offer global cellular connectivity to their LevelSender 4G.
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Environmental Monitoring and Cellular Data

Current statistics put the number of cell towers in Canada, at approximately 40,000 towers, and the number continues to grow. With this expanded coverage comes the opportunity to provide two-way communications to previously remote locations which needed expensive satellite transmitters …

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Huge Opportunities for Operational Cost Efficiencies with Parking Lots

According to official Canadian government statistics, there were just under 800 parking lot operators and garages in Canada last year. The average income of those lots was just over $450,000/year with a profit margin that averaged out at 34.8%.…

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