Citykinect Cellular for Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring manufacturers create products that can ship worldwide and which need to work in a large variety of challenging climates and environments. Reliability is paramount.


Critical Data

Environmental monitoring increases the demand for cellular reliability to the max. Often data that's being collected is of critical importance, like water level data or air pollution data. Having high reliability backhaul is critical and a single network provider card is a single point of failure.


Manufacturers of products like dataloggers or DCPs are continually getting squeezed on pricing, and when expensive cellular service is a cost that your customer doesn't want to bear they are more apt to shop around even more.


The big telcos don't speak the same language as us, and they have no idea what a "DCP" is. Their service is designed for much higher bandwidth applications like internet access through an iPhone.


Most importantly, when customers have problems setting up their monitoring stations, they call call the equipment manufacturer. This support cost cuts into profits.



Multi-carrier, multi-country coverage with auto-switching to contingency networks. Get full control of the entire logging-transmission technology stack.

Recurring Revenue

Whitelabel and resell Citykinect Cellular and create recurring revenue with monthly cellular data service plans. Customer stickiness increases, giving you multiple opportunities to engage with your customers.

A Cellular Partner

Unlike the big telcos, we have experience in the environmental monitoring sector. We understand sensors, dataloggers, cell modems (integrated or external) and the pros and cons that different devices bring.

Less Costly Support

We understand what it’s like trying to support remote equipment. Having a partner that understands what you are trying to do, and the equipment you are using, is priceless. Did we mention you'll have your own Management Portal with easy-to-use logs to track down issues?

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Kinect With Us

Cellular Designed Specifically for Demanding IoT Applications

Priced for Low-Bandwidth IoT

Most IoT applications require less than 100 MB/month per device. Cellular data plans from large telcos are typically focused on high-bandwidth applications such as audio and video, and using them in your IoT application means you're paying a lot for bandwidth you won't use.

Multi-Carrier, Multi-Country Coverage

Citykinect Cellular works with over 300 carrier networks in over 200 countries worldwide. With permanent "roaming rights", it connects to the network with the best signal by default but will automatically and seamlessly switch to a different one when needed.

Flexibility and Minimal Commitment

You're not locked in for a long-term commitment like you are with other plans (where a 3-year term is the norm). After your initial 2-year term is complete, future payments are month-to-month only. Plus, plans may be cancelled at anytime with only a 3-month penalty.

Data Pooling

Your total amount of available data is spread among all devices, so devices consuming a lot of data are balanced out by those consuming very little, avoiding overage charges.

Easy to Provision and Support

Citykinect's SIMCenter is a mobile-friendly online portal that lets you provision each SIM card even in the field. Because you control the customer experience rather than the big telcos, you can pre-test before shipping, and not worry about supporting multliple services from multiple carriers.

Off-Season Billing Suspension

If you only need the service for part of the year, you can easily suspend all billing during the off-season.