CityKinect Offers Magic SIM against Outages

Jul 08, 2022
Have you or anyone you know been negatively impacted by the recent Rogers outage?

As you probably know, the Rogers infrastructure suffered a massive outage starting early this Friday morning. A wide variety of services were affected, from 911 calls to travel services. For myself, even a casual outing to the grocery store had me returning empty-handed because my debit card wouldn’t work.

If you were one of Rogers’ unlucky IoT customers, you may still be suffering from the effects. Given the company’s history, more such difficulties could be in store for the future.

How will you mitigate against this eventuality?

Enter the Magic SIM

Imagine a SIM connection that would automatically fail over from Rogers to another available provider, with no intervention required. Imagine having uninterrupted service while your competitors race to remove cards and reboot devices. Imagine all this for a rate far below what the telcos would ever give you.

This is exactly the SIM solution that CityKinect offers. Some of our customers have called it the Magic SIM. You might want to call it the Stress-free SIM.

No matter what you call it, you’ll want to call us to avoid this pain in the future.

Jeff Skillen