The CityKinect IoT Platform

Sensors and data management play a fundamental role in the success of every Enterprise IoT solution.

CityKinect provides an enterprise-grade IoT platform that enables a broad range of capabilities for your connected devices.  It brings together everything from tiny sensors to sophisticated industrial machinery and makes them connect in a meaningful and effective way, making your business smarter and more capable of accessing information.

Unified Data

The CityKinect IOT Platform can coalesce data from a variety of sources: LORAWAN devices, NB-IoT, Wifi, and others. It provides a unified dashboard to access, stream, and analyze sensor information. We can create sophisticated business rules based on a wide variety of sensor conditions – all within one appealing interface.

A Scalable Resource

Whether your sensor deployment comprises a single device or thousands of them, the CityKinect IoT Platform will address your needs. Our cloud-based infrastructure is built to scale to your requirements – for now, and for the future.


The CityKinect IoT Platform includes all the features that your enterprise needs for success: alerting, reporting, rules, and scheduling, to name a few. These combined components bring meaning and purpose to any IoT project.