Smart Home/Office Leak Detection Kit with Auto Shut-Off Valve + Gateway

Product Description

The Citykinect Smart Home/Office Leak Detection Kit includes two (2) wireless, long-range moisture sensors to continually monitor for leaks, a smart valve actuator to shut off the main water if a leak is detected, plus a LoraWAN gateway. 36 month minimum commitment.

Around the Clock Monitoring

24/7 automated monitoring and logging of data.

On-demand and Scheduled Reports

Configure reports to be pushed to you, or review logs at any time from the app.

Get Alerted to Any Conditions

Instant, actionable alerts via email, SMS or app notifications

Autonomous, Remote Monitoring

Battery-powered, ultra-low-power sensors last for years on a charge.

Enterprise Scalability

Expand your network with hundreds of sensors for any application.

Data Peace-of-Mind

End-to-end 256-bit AES encryption.

Free Smartphone/Tablet App (iOS and Android)

Access data and receive notifications on any device.

Quick and Easy Setup

No wires, no drilling. 3 steps:

Scan the QR code with the app and your smartphone’s camera to register the device.

Place the sensors where you want and connect the gateway to your network.

Set up alerts if desired.

Wireless Leak Detector (2)

Identify and respond to water leaks faster. Monitors two spots simultaneously.

Smart Valve Actuator (auto shut-off)

Designed to shut off any water or fluids in case of leakage detection. IP68 certified.

Indoor Femto LoraWAN Gateway

Includes LoraWAN Gateway. More details.

$5.00 / month and a $798.00 sign-up fee