Solinst chooses CityKinect for Cellular Product Needs

Jan 27, 2022
Solinst New 4G LevelSender now includes Worldwide Cellular Connectivity

CityKinect and Solinst announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will enable Solinst to offer global cellular connectivity to their LevelSender 4G.

The agreement brings together best of breed sensors with the need for ultra-reliable backhaul technology to ensure customers have a world class sensor and telemetry solution. Solinst is a high quality groundwater and surface water monitoring instrumentation manufacturer and CityKinect is a cellular connectivity provider focused on helping manufacturing integrate cellular into their offerings.

“Reducing the challenges of getting good sensor data has always been a priority at Solinst,” said Jim Pianosi, President of Solinst. “Now with an integrated offering including global cellular connectivity, it’s easier than ever before for customers to deploy and not worry about coverage at site. It just works.”

Customers of Solinst will now be able to have cellular access to multiple carriers in a location with one SIM card, reducing customer costs with traditional single carrier providers, and not worrying which network has coverage where a deployment occurs.

Shaun Connor, CEO of CityKinect,” said “Solinst has been fantastic to work with, and really understands their customers’ needs. By taking this step together we are enthusiastic about growing both companies in the Environmental Monitoring space”.

About Solinst

Solinst Canada Ltd. has been manufacturing high quality groundwater instrumentation since 1980 when company president Doug Belshaw recognized the need for innovative and easy-to-use instrumentation for the growing hydrogeology field.

About CityKinect

CityKinect is a technology-agnostic, MVNO helping companies integrate cellular and other LPWAN technologies into their manufacturing design, process, and implementation methods.

Our experience in environmental monitoring is deep, and in this respect we are uniquely positioned to assist this market with remote data collection unlike most, and certainly including the major North American telcos.

Media Contact

Sheldon Foisy
Director of Sales
[email protected]

Sheldon Foisy

Sheldon is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in multiple industries including healthcare and pharma, IT, financial services, and environmental monitoring. Having helped manage and run some of the largest environmental networks in Canada, Sheldon's experience with sensors and telemetry gives him a unique and experienced perspective when it comes to the Internet of Things and the torrent of new sensors and technologies hitting the market.