GPS Asset Tracking

Know Everything About Your Assets, Wherever They Are

Understand how your fleet operates, and keep it secure.

Instant Alerts Based on Location Change

Get notified via email or SMS when an asset changes location, or enters or exits a geofenced region.


Define a region and track whether the asset stays within or leaves it.

Easy to Install

Installation in minutes with basic tools.

Easily hidden in most vehicles

GPS modules are small enough to be concealed in a variety of locations so they remain out of sight and not easily accessible.

Near-Real-Time Location Tracking

See the location of your asset as it moves, with accuracy of less than 10m.

Monitor 12 Parameters

Latitude, longitude, speed, engine on/off, cumulative run time,

Cloud-based Dashboard and Reporting

Access your GPS data anywhere.

LTE Network-Ready

Assets can be monitored anywhere there's LTE coverage.

Fleet and asset tracking have long been a need for many organizations. Understanding how your fleet operates is a critical need from both a logistics, as well from a liability perspective.

GPS tracking isn’t just for vehicles anymore. GPS-based, LTE-enabled tracking devices can be connected to your valuable assets to track their use and position in near-real-time. Combined with specialized asset management software, these devices allow you to log different events and asset use statistics.

Although most of the focus of GPS asset tracking is on vehicles in motion, stationary objects or large equipment can be tracked as well. All kinds of construction equipment including bulldozers, cranes, trailers, and generators can be tracked and monitored. Monitoring assets is critical to making sure projects progress on schedule and that these valuable pieces of equipment are being utilized effectively. For an extra level of  security, assets can be bound by a geofence to not leave a designated area (like a construction site or storage facility), and have an alert sent to a fleet manager when that does happen.

Part of any effective strategy for managing real world assets starts with getting data on current use.

Typical GPS Tracking Module

  • Small – 90mm x 70mm x 40mm, 160g
  • Integrated LTE radio
  • Accurate positioning within 5m
  • Built-in 5,000mAh rechargable backup battery (keeps working for up to 10 days when vehicle is off)
  • Integrated WiFi allows tracking in underground parking lots (accuracy within 30m)
  • IP65-rated enclosure
  • Integrated strong magnets for secure hold on various locations of your vehicle
  • Integrated tamper alarm

Rich Data for All Your Assets, Beautifully Presented

Even with thousands of assets, you can track them all on a single web-based dashboard that clusters multiple assets and offers fast searching or tag filtering.

  • Live tracking
    • Real-time location
    • Route planning
    • Movement history
    • Disconnect alerts
  • Operations
    • Asset health
    • Geofencing in-out alerts
    • Critical events
  • Reporting
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Driver trends

What Assets Can Be Tracked with GPS?

Benefits of GPS Asset Tracking


If stolen, assets can be easily located, making recovery after theft as simple as reporting the current location to law enforcement. Alerts can be sent if the location of a parked asset changes.

Know where your assets are, and where they've been

With full visibility of your high-value assets, you can quickly locate project-critical equipment when needed, and view the routes it has taken to get there.

Optimize asset utilization

Understand how your assets are being used. Are they sitting idle most of the day?

Reduce operating expenses

Get detailed insights on fuel usage, driver behaviour, engine idling, etc. in real time to utilize your resources effectively, choose the best and shortest routes for your vehicles and identify key money-saving areas.

Reduce maintenance costs

Accumulated mileage for every vehicle is consolidated on your web-based dashboard, and alerts can be automatically sent. This makes scheduling maintenance easy and reduces the risk of a breakdown due to equipment going too long without maintenance.

Reduce Paperwork

Eliminate the need for filling out things like driver vehicle logs, mileage reports, and maintenance schedules. Everything can be tracked automatically, eliminating reams of tedious and labor-intensive paperwork

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