“As a service” is increasingly how we like to consume things: in a flexible way, as much as we need on a daily basis, scaling up or down according to today’s need.

It’s much faster and usually more cost effective to lease only what you need rather than invest up-front. With increased volatility in the world due to politics, innovation and economics, many companies value flexibility over predictable asset amortization. You’ll see this is reflected in a growing preference for “opex” over “capex” investment.


Once the availability, speed and reliability of the Internet reached the point where applications could be accessed in someone else’s data centre, it made sense to look for opportunities to reduce costs. Why not pay for what you use (Software-as-a-Service) rather than invest in the infrastructure, storage, support staff, etc., required to run an application yourself?

Citykinect’s Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS) applies the same approach to IoT applications, bundling all hardware, software and service into a single monthly charge that simply scales with the number of sensors involved.

End-to-end, all-inclusive IoT solutions on a per sensor/per month cost model.

Easily scalable and secure, with a low barrier to entry because upfront capital costs are eliminated.

Everything Your IoT Project Requires, One Monthly Invoice


All sensors, actuators and gateways required to accomplish your goals are included.


Whether it's LoRaWAN or cellular, all infrastructure for a low-power, wide-area network is included.

Cloud Storage

Fully redundant storage for all devices for up to 24 months included.


The entire network is designed with industry-standard security techniques and guided our years of experience.


If you have existing SDI-12 or analog sensors or switches, we'll integrate them into the new IoT network.

Data Visualization

Our cloud-based Icosphere platform is used to manage the entire network or a single device.


IoT networks using MaaS can start out at any size and scale at any time as your needs require. The monthly cost is based on the number of devices (sensors or actuators/switches), with all other infrastructure, service and support bundled in. So you can start small, and grow the network as big as you want, when you want.

MaaS Simplifies IoT

Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS) is a low cost, pay-as-you-grow service plan that lets you build a complete IoT application without any upfront investment.

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