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One SIM card. One APN. One invoice.

Zero headaches.

Find out how Citykinect Cellular can simplify your LPWAN integrations and boost your bottom line.

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Kinecting Remote Devices.

Unlike other data and mobile providers, we fully understand the hardware our SIM cards go into, and the challenges of provisioning and rolling out cellular programs inside markets like environmental monitoring.

Because our team has worked with dataloggers, sensors and gateways for years, we've learned the ins-and-outs of integrating cellular modems into remote devices, and how to keep data flowing. 

These markets are often price competitive, so saving on cellular costs is hugely beneficial.

For those who feel underserved and overcharged by the mainstream telcos, Citykinect Cellular is a strategic revenue-positive cellular platform that:

reduces support costs
generates additional revenue
makes systems more reliable in the field

Unlike major telcos, Citykinect Cellular uses multiple networks and works in multiple countries, with one configuration...and only ONE COMPANY TO DEAL WITH.

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Low-Power, Wide-Area Network Expertise.

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Experience tells us that anyone who builds or works with IoT and remote data collection really wants cellular data plans specifically designed with them in mind. 

Our IoT cellular service is called Citykinect Cellular, and it'd designed specifically for <100MB IoT applications. 

We partner with multi-billion-dollar companies to bring cutting-edge services married with technical and operational expertise. This benefits you and your customers through reliable, cost-effective backhaul technologies for your application needs.

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