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We help build cities of the future.

Citykinect is a technology-agnostic, full-stack solutions architect for IoT applications serving Western Canadian businesses and government.

Smart Thinking.

We have more expertise with IoT sensors, gateways, application servers, networking standards, middleware, security, and cloud analytics platforms than anyone else in Western Canada.

Whether you are planning a smart city project, or looking for ways to reduce energy use and lower operational costs in a building, we can help.

We have extensive experience with the LoRaWAN, LTE CAT M and NB-IoT and the sensors that use these technologies, and we’re a Cisco IoT Certified and Microsoft Cloud partner.

In short, we have the knowledge, experience and credentials to make you successful in accomplishing your IoT goals.

Our Partners

Wireless Cellular Data and Network Services

We’re a one-stop shop for simple to complex IoT projects, which means we can supply, install and configure hardware and software, or design and set up an entire IoT network, or just handle any portion of the project. This includes providing data plans if your application calls for it.

As a Canadian MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) we can keep data costs lower than what you’ll get with the big 3 telcos (Rogers, Bell, Telus) by using our own Citykinect cellular data network. It also allows us to provide personal service and support and the flexibility to switch between networks at any time, thanks to eSIM technology.

Reliability and performance is no different because it’s actually the same networking infrastructure used by the “big 3”. Whether your IoT application uses CAT M or NB-IoT, all network management and configuration is handled though our Citykinect Icosphere cloud platform.

We’re ready to answer your questions.