Gropoint Soil Moisture Sensor


Multi-depth Soil Moisture and Temperature Soil Profile Sensor

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GroPoint™ Profile is a scientific-grade and cost-effective soil moisture probe that measures the volumetric water content and soil temperature over multiple depths using a single probe. It can be deployed in sensitive agriculture zones to enable full control of irrigation, increase water-use efficiency and provide an understanding of water movement throughout the soil.

Unlike other multi-depth soil moisture probes, GroPoint Profile is the only one on the market to provide a true soil moisture profile. It continuously measures the soil moisture across the entire length of the probe by averaging the volumetric water content across each segment (15cm or 6″). This unique feature provides continuous measurements of water movement throughout the soil rather than at discrete positions on the probe, which cause “dead spots” in the soil profile.

The sleek, lightweight design installs quickly using a pilot rod and slide hammer tool with minimal soil disruption. Our soil probe design eliminates the cumbersome excavation that is required when installing other profiling probes. GroPoint Profile is designed for vertical installation to make continuous soil moisture and soil temperature measurements over multiple soil layers.